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Outdoor Luxury Furniture Sale January 24th 8:30pm

Lots of Outdoor Luxury Furniture available, which includes Rattan Garden Sets, Egg Chairs, Gravity Chair and more

Tuesdays Trade Liquidation Sale January 25th 7:30pm

Our Tuesday Trade Sale - over 2000 lots available, ranging from Power Tools, Dulux Paint, Automotive Goods, Oil and much more

Oak Furniture Liquidation Sale January 27th 7:00pm

Sourced from a major UK retailer, here we have a range of Solid Oak Furniture, which includes, Chairs, Stools, Benches and more

Bulk lots of Luxury Vinyl & Laminate Sale January 20th 7:30pm

Luxury Vinyl & Laminate Sale, High Quality and Branded. Both suitable for Commercial & Residential

Pallet Liquidation Sale January 27th 7:30pm

Pallet Liquidation Sale, to include Tools, Automotive Liquids, Homewares, Electrical Appliances and more

John Lewis Returns Pallet Sale January 28th 7:00pm

Returns from John Lewis Pallet Sale, High end Brands, Small Domestic Appliances with brands from Phillips, Bosch, Ninja, Dyson and many more

Super Sunday Sale January 30th 7:30pm

Our Super Sunday Sale, over 700 lots available, goods ranging from Furniture, Tools, Oil and more

Online Jewellers Liquidation Stock January 30th 8:30pm

Sale of bulk lots of Jewellery from an Online Shop. Over £400,000 in value.

Laptops and Apple Products Sale January 30th 8:30pm

Laptops and Apple iMAC & Macbooks, Fitbits, Phones available. Brands such as Dell, Samsung, Garmin, Fitbit and more